Genesis LA (GLA)

Our Impact

Since 2002, Genesis LA has deployed over $27 million in GCIF loans and investments, and $190 million in NMTC allocation to nearly 70 projects. This financing has supported the following community impacts:


Over 95% of investments have been made in census tracts with the highest levels of economic distress


Nearly 2/3rds of borrowers are women and/or minority-owned or controlled enterprises


1,425,000 square feet of new commercial goods and services and 500,000 square feet of community goods and services



Access to new and affordable commercial goods and services for over 240,000 people who live below the poverty line


76% of projects promote environmental and community sustainability (healthy foods, transit usage, adaptive reuse)

4,200 / 5,100

Over 4,200 permanent jobs and 5,100 construction jobs retained or created



Nearly 1,100 housing units

26,000 / 10,700

26,000 clients served, including 10,700 youth

$950 million

$950 million leveraged from other financial sources

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Genesis LA deploys flexible loan and investment products that are highly responsive to the particular needs of individual borrowers and the local market. We take greater risks by financing community and economic development projects and models, many of which are yet to be widely tested, but are projected to result in a high level of community impact. We develop financial solutions that other lenders cannot provide, to ensure these projects and borrowers can carry out their work. The following examples highlight our work and the accomplishments of our borrowers:

My Home, Mi Casa

Azalea Plaza

City Labs Boyle Heights

Star Apartments

LA Prep

Friends Community Housing

Chef’s Center

(aka Mama’s Hot Tamales)


Community Coalition